That's right the [ profile] scifibigbang sign ups are going on for authors and artists. 



Woot! I'm kind of organized and totally excited about this year. And not just because this gives me a an excuse to write a 25k word story about Tangled.

I hope to see some of you guys sign up...I know what a talented bunch of writers (and artists) you are. So, get your muse going and sign up! :D :D
Yuletide madness is open...You didn't have to sign up for yuletide to play (though you do need an AO3 account). 

Who knows? You might find something inspiring on the spreadsheet that your Muse can write! (The stories are suppose to be under 1k, so that should be easy...if you manage to write a story over 1k, then it goes in the main archive.)

I've already written three treats...they're tons of fun to write! :D :D
First of all, I love my family.  We got our Christmas Tree up this weekend and now it's all decorated and lookin' pretty. It's absolutely awesome in its originality...I mean really, how many Christmas trees do you know that have ornaments from Star Trek, Star Wars, Toy Story, Legoland, Pokemon *and* snowmen? 

Secondly, [ profile] yuletide   When I first got the prompt, I was "Hmmm...I wonder what my Muse has in store for me" and now? Now I have four notecards with outlines...that's always a promising sign. LOL

And a plea from me...if you are interested in the Alice/Tarrant pairing, then maybe you could sign up for a day over at [ profile] aiw_advent   The "demands" are small...a 100 word ficlet, a little piece of art, picspam, or even a rec is fine.  :D :D

Christmas cards are going out today and tomorrow... :D :D
From [ profile] aiw_big_bang 

We are still in need of artists for fics for the Burton and Syfy fandoms. Authors and artists: please promote the community amongst your friends, hassle anyone you know with artistic talent, and pass this along to any communities that we have not yet reached. Artist sign-ups are supposed to close Nov 15.

We are opening up a third option for artistic expression to hopefully draw some additional volunteers: fanmixes. A fanmix is a list of songs, roughly CD length, that have been selected by the artist as a soundtrack for the fic. In addition to this list of songs, the artist will create the CD artwork.

Additionally, since there are plenty of fics still without an artist, we can also open them to artists who have already signed on to do artwork for one of the fics. So, if you have signed up for one and another one interests you, by all means, claim a fic.

Authors and betas: if you have any artistic talent, consider volunteering to do artwork for an unclaimed fic! 
So, er, I know I swore off any new fandom related projects until next year.

None of you really thought I would keep that promise, did you?

Well, techincally, I won't break my own rules because anything that I'm making for the comm will be done by December 1 and I will just have play the role of the Mighty Mod (which should be easy).

So, I present to you [ profile] aiw_advent

*plays fanfare*

It's an advent calendar for Alice/Tarrant goodness. That's right 25 days in a row of Alice/Tarrant!

But, I am gonna need some shippers to make this a success so go! Check it out!

The Questions

The Signups

Nag nag nag

Nov. 5th, 2010 05:07 pm
We are in need of some more artists for aiw_big_bang  There are stories open in the Syfy miniseries verse and the Burtonverse.  So go, make someone some stunning artwork! If *I* can do it, you can too! :D :D

Head on over to check out the summaries and claim a fic.

I know some of you on my f-list are artists, so go, sign up! Do it!

It is time for artists to claim a fic in the [ profile] aiw_big_bang.

We are accepting artists who are willing to create at least one screen sized graphic image or video (coming in at no less than 2:30 minutes) inspired by the fanfiction.  We have fiction for the following fandoms: Burton, Syfy, Disney, and Carroll.  All pairings are welcome, but a vast majority are Alice/Tarrant.

Head on over to check out the summaries and claim a fic.



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