Title: Passing the Torch
Rating: G/K
Characters: Catherine Halsey, Cortana
Spoilers: If you haven’t beaten the campaign on Reach, then you probably don’t wanna read this.
Summary: But now was not the time for regret or sorrow. She, like Cortana, John and the others aboard the Autumn had a mission she needed to complete.
Author’s Notes: I did my best to keep true to both “The Fall of Reach” and Halo: Reach, but some things  were different…so I went with the game’s canon. :D Feedback, as always, is love.

“Have you made your decision about who is going to transport the Package?” )


Fandom: Halo
Pairing: John/Cortana
Rating: T
Words: 4,520 (No, seriously)
Genre: A little bit of everything
Summary: 452 word drabbles (because Cortana needed some representation too, LOL) from ten different fic genres.
Warnings: There is a small spoiler for Halo: Reach in the “Friendship” entry. There is a character death in the “Angst” entry. And the “Crossover” entry is particularly crack-tastic. And the "Romance" entry comes from a scraped scene in my yet-to-be-posted fic.
Like always, these are all MC/C centered, cause that’s how I roll.
It could have been her imagination, but she could swear she heard him laugh as the doors closed behind him. )

So, this is a super-sized take on the 10 words, 10 fics. Instead of the original 10 words, I bumped it up to 117 words (cause being a fangirl is too much fun.) All of the drabbles have an original prompt from my "Moments" story. And, of course, all are MCxC centered cause that's I roll. And yes, I am totally, undoubtedly, absolutely stalling writing my two other fics and studying for my history exam.


But soon there will be no more sadness, no more anger, no more envy. We will exist together, John. Two corpses in one grave. )
Summary: Despite everything she had seen throughout the war, she hated seeing him, especially him, like this.
Characters: Halsey, John, Cortana
Author's Notes: This has been sitting in my handy-dandy notebook for months.  Thank goodness for the Halo: Reach soundtrack (which is totally and completely *amazing*) which got my Halo mojo rolling again.


"What did you think of Cortana, John?”  )


So, I don't know that I'll ever get around to posting this Halo fic (which would have been--is probably still is?--my Big Bang story) that is epic in proportion. (I've already got 5 or 6k--it's all written on paper, so I'm not sure. LOL) But I thought I should post a snippet.  Maybe it will help inspire the Muse, LOL.  Completely unbeta'd and not even edited that much really...LOL

A little sample here... )


Author’s note: Takes place during “The Fall of Reach”…oh Eric Nylund, what would I do without your awesome Halo novels? Written for the LJ [livejournal.com profile] fanfic100  challenge, prompt 001: Beginnings


John twirled the coin... )


Disclaimer: Not mine. Never will be.
Author's Notes: Yeah, I'm back for some more "The Fall of Reach" fun. Takes place right before the Epilogue. It my take on how the MC went from "Better to die than without his teammates" to the snarky "No thanks to your driving, yes". Thanks to all who reviewed the first story. As always, I'd love to know what y'all think. :D


He had failed. )


Author’s Notes: This takes place after Halo: CE and before Halo 2. There are some Fall of Reach and First Strike references, but the story should make sense if you haven’t read them (which, like, you totally should right now).

Written for the [info]fanfic100  challenge on LJ. Prompt 053: Earth



Click for the Fic )


cortana: (pic#430867)
Author's Notes: If you haven't read "The Fall of Reach" (and why haven't you?), then this story isn't going to make much sense at all. This takes place after the MJOLNIR ARMOR test on Reach, before Chapter 28. I'd love to hear what you think.

When I make a promise... )
Summary: A month ago, their two peoples were sworn enemies, now, in order to insure the success of their mission, they needed to be brothers in arms.
Rating: T, I guess.
Author’s notes: This was written for [livejournal.com profile] pinkpolarity  who kindly placed a bid on my auction over at the [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti  comm. I hope you enjoy it. :D :D
Also, a huge shout out to the halo wiki site, which is the most awesome place for all things Halo. There is one line from Fall of Reach...blink and you'll miss it. Enjoy!

Were It So Easy )
Disclaimer: Yeah, I'm a nerd.




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