Another update to the pic fic chart...65/100.  It's slowly getting there.  Come on people!  Have more birthdays so I can get the chart done! :D :D

[info]fandom_stocking update: 6/10 done.  They've added tags so it's easier for people to drop off gifts.  Gift-giving ends on January 6th.

Been doing some other fanish stuff, will post when it's all ready to go! Hope you all have a wonderfully awesome new year! :D :D

Woo hoo!!  I finally hit the halfway point!!!

If there are any episodes that I haven't done yet and would like to see, drop me a line.  Or if you want something a little more basic (i.e. a Rodney/Ronon conversation), that works too! :D :D

The chart has been updated with all of pic fics completed:

Chart Madness

I've finally got 40 done--nearly halfway there! :D

As always, if y'all have any suggestions for episodes that I haven't done, I would love your input! :D

And thanks for all the kind words and feedback you guys send my way.  It is the fuel that keeps these suckers going. :D :D
I updated the Pic Fic chart, finally!

Here it is!

I am going to try to get the entire series done within a couple of weeks of when SGA ends, so if you have any suggestions for episodes that I haven't done, throw them my way.  And for those who have suggested some episodes that I have done, don't worry, they are coming too! :D
Here's a running list of most of the pic fics I have done so far.  I'll update as I post new pic fics. Enjoy!

001.Rising 1
Rising 1a
002.Rising 2003.Hide and Seek004.38 Minutes005.Suspicion
006.Childhood's End007.Poisoning the Well008.Underground009.Home010.The Storm
011.The Eye012.The Defiant One013.Hot Zone014.Sanctuary015.Before I Sleep
016.The Brotherhood017.Letters from Pegasus018.The Gift019.The Siege 1020.The Siege 2
021.The Siege 3022.Intruder023.Runner024.Duet

Conversion 2
029.Aurora030.The Lost Boys
031.The Hive032.Epiphany033.Critical Mass034.Grace Under Pressure035.The Tower

The Tower
036.The Long Goodbye037.Coup d'etat038.Michael039.Inferno040.Allies
041.No Man's Land042.Misbegotten043.Irresistable044.Sateda045.Progeny
046.The Real World047.Common Ground048.McKay and Mrs. Miller049.Phantoms050.The Return 1
051.The Return 2052.Echoes053.Irresponsible054.Tao of Rodney055.The Game
056.The Ark057.Sunday058.Submersion059.Vengeance060.First Strike
Doppleganger 2
066.Tabula Rasa067.Missing068.The Seer069.Miller's Crossing070.This Mortal Coil
071.Be All My Sins Remember'd072.Spoils of War073.Quarantine074.Harmony075.Outcast
076.Trio077.Midway078.The Kindred 1

The Kindred 1
079.The Kindred 2080.The Last Man
081.Search and Rescue

Search and Rescue 2
082.The Seed083.Broken Ties084.The Daedalus Variations085.Ghost in the Machine
086.The Shine087.Whispers088.The Queen089.Tracker090.First Contact
091.The Lost Tribe092.Outsiders093.Inquisition094.The Prodigal095.Remanants
096.Brain Storm097.Infection098.Identity099.Vegas100.Enemy at the Gate



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