So, posting for [ profile] scifibigbang is going to start on Wednesday!  We have plenty of stories with plenty of fandoms (everything from Stargate: Atlantis to a Steampunk Sherlock Holmes universe to Original Fics), so be sure to check them out!

Annnnnnnd...there is a new Alice in Wonderland Big Bang comm: [ profile] aiw_big_bang .  It's open to any and every version of Alice you can think of (Burton, the Syfy miniseries, American McGee's Alice, the books, etc.).  Author signups are going on now. (Artist sign-ups will open later.)  The word limit is only 15k, so it should be pretty easy to hit the target. 

Hope to see y'all there.


Aug. 25th, 2010 01:29 pm
I am done with my Big Bang story...edits and all the jazz are done! 

I owe my guru of all things Scottish, Laura, a half-dozen lessons in "How to Speak Like a True Californian" and a guided tour of Disneyland if she ever gets out here. :D

I owe my beta and personal English to Outlandish translator about a dozen plates of cookies and a bucket filled with gratitude.

Author notes, filled with your praises, will be upcoming.


Aug. 10th, 2010 12:31 pm
Could someone explain why Burton and Co. had to make the Hatter speak with a Scottish accent?  Ignoring the fact that I could listen to Johnny Depp talk like that for hours

I think my brain is going to break.  Er, I mean...Ah think mah brain is gonnae break. (And that's probably not right...LOL)
Artist sign-ups for [ profile] scifibigbang  are going on right now.  Lots of different fandoms for those of you who are interested...SGA, Sherlock Holmes (steampunk style), Mass Effect, Doctor Who...yeah, lots and lots of fandoms.

I'm still trying to figure out what to write (Yeah, it's *techincally* due in two days, but posting isn't until September so I have a month to write out the final version--all I have now are pages and pages of notes for both stories) so I have two stories on the official Master List.  I figure if anyone is willing to make art for one then I'll write that story.  If two artists are willing to make art for both then I guess I'm going to be writing like crazy, LOL. Speaking of which, [ profile] pinkpolarity are you still willing to beta if I do write my Halo fic?
So I'm really considering writing a Halo story for my [ profile] scifibigbang  entry.  I would love, love, LOVE to have anyone as an alpha/cheerleader or a beta.

I have two ideas rolling around in my head.  One takes place between Halo:CE and Halo 2...maybe, slightly AU, but I want it to stick pretty close to canon.  MC, Cortana, Johnson and Miranda all take center stage with some friendshippy moments between all of them. 

The other takes place after Halo Orgins and deals with Cortana's fate.  It would have more of a John/Cortana slant, though I don't think I could ever write a straight up romance story with would probably be more like UST or strong friendship. Mendicant Bias and other Forerunner background would be thrown in there too.

The first idea I've got a pretty good idea of the layout of the story...the second one, not so much.

Anyway, if you're interested, just give me a shout. :D :D
I've got some invite codes for dreamwidth, so if you want one, just let me know.

I do have a different names there [personal profile] cortana so don't be like "huh? who is this chick?" LOL

On a side note, [ profile] scifibigbang  sign ups are going great! And why haven't you signed up yet? (Except for get a gold star!) Artist signups will be up today...or should be anyway. :D
So I'm rolling out my promo blitz for [ profile] scifibigbang   Are there any comm/fandoms that you know of that I can promote in? I'm trying to hit as many fandoms as I can and any help would be appreciated.  

Author signups so far look pretty good. I think there are already over 40. Woot! 

Best one I've read so far? SGA/LOTR crossover.  That promises to be epic.

! Ta da!

[ profile] scifibigbangis a big bang comm where all sci-fi/fantasy stories can find a home. Always wanted to write that epic novella about Babylon 5. Can't get enough Spock/Uhura from the movie? Maybe you have been itchin' to write that Farscape story...or you've wanted to write your own little universe

TV shows, movies, comic books, video games, anime, cartoons, books...they're all game.

Sign up here
So [ profile] scifibigbang is finally over!  We got 28 awesome stories posted and I am truly thrilled. I am a little bummed because the Star Trek stories never showed *cries* but I'm hoping for a couple of people to post their late entries. I'm going to move the timeframe for writing to April-July, with posting the stories in start brainstorming for those stories, people! Anyway, go to the comm...the stories are all tagged and ready for reading.  I know the authors and artists worked really hard so drop some feedback if you like the stories. :D :D
Stories are starting to be posted at [ profile] scifibigbang Woot! There is a ton of fandoms being represented, so be sure to stop by and check out the stories the authors have been working on. More stories are going to be posted each day until the 15th, when the whole thing will wrap up.

So read a fic or two or ten...and leave some feedback! :D :D

Past the halfway mark... *does a dance*

In Rising...Teyla invited Sumner, Sheppard and Ford to tea in the morning, remember?

Do you think they went back to Atlantis as the night passed?  Or contacted Elizabeth? Or stayed watching the Athosians without them knowing?  I know Bates shows up in the morning which makes me think they either went back or Elizabeth sent more people over...
Of course, this probably means I won't write for another week, LOL

Progress, Baby... )
Snagged from [profile] acceb23 ...hopefully it will get my tush into gear.  Now if I could just get GW to work, but I guess that's what I get for doing an AU rewrite of the first episode of SGA.  And I've got rewrites to do for the VS season...and let's not get started on episode 30+ pieces of real the

But I will get it done...really. I do work waaaay better under pressure. LOL


Jul. 6th, 2009 02:05 pm
Does anyone here want to do some art for my entry in the scifibigbang?  It's a gen team fic (Ronon, Rodney, Teyla and John) set during season 5 and then it goes AU.  If you do (and I would love you forever!), drop me a line. :D
Hey y'all...

Author sign ups at [ profile] scifibigbang  are winding down...they close on Tuesday, so go over there and sign up to write a story!  We only have two SGA stories out of 60 or so.  I would love to see some more familar faces there too.  And if writing isn't your thing, we have artist sign ups too.

Remember, the word count is only 25k...some of you can do that in a writing binge or two. :D :D  Hope to see y'all there.

[ profile] scifibigbang! Ta da!

[ profile] scifibigbangis a big bang comm where all sci-fi/fantasy stories can find a home. Always wanted to write that epic novella about Babylon 5. Can't get enough Spock/Uhura from the movie? Maybe you have been itchin' to write that Farscape story...

TV shows, movies, comic books, video games, anime, cartoons, books...they're all game.

Sign up or read about the comm. And spread the word...we want as many entries as possible. :D



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