html help?

Jan. 31st, 2011 11:51 am
OK, so I'm trying to make a textbox of the author sign-ups for the scifbigbang and this is what happens:

Can anyone help me with telling me how to get rid of the annoying <br /> tag?

THIS is why I hate coding.

ETAL I fixed it! Woot! Disable Auto-Formatting FTW!!!

So, I was chatting with my buddy last night when my computer suddenly froze. I was like, "Huh?" Did a force reboot and was able to get back on.  Made some kind of sarcastic remark to her about my computer protesting ten windows being open at the same time and went on with my night.  Came back a little later to see if my professor ever emailed me back (he didn't) and the computer froze. Again. 

Annoyed, I put my computer to sleep mode and walked away after I restarted it...Fast forward to this morning when I was watching Skip Heitzig and then, right in the middle of the vid, my computer FREEZES. Now I'm panicked.  Lappy is sick!

So I try restarting.


*insert mass panic now*

All I was thinking was all of my iTunes music! My pictures! And (most importantly) all of my WIPs! So, I managed to put my computer into safe mode and transfer *most* of the files I wanted (the important ones I got first) when the computer froze again. Now, well, let's just say all I get is a blue screen of death. *points to icon* No safe mode, no system restore...

So, right now I'm feeling a little like Buzz Lightyear now.

So now I'm working on Dino.  The computer from like 2002, but it works so I'm grateful for that.  



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